Natural Gemstone Earrings

The earrings in this category will include natural gemstone elements like beads. Some of the 'gemstone' beads may be composite materials and some may also be dyed in colour, but these details are outlined within the individual product descriptions.

Due to the natural nature of these materials, the colours and markings may differ slightly from pair to pair, although both of a pair of earrings will be matched to each other.

I have included freshwater pearls and seashell pearls in this section.

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Chrysocolla and antiqued copper coil on coil earrings

Royal blue Malay Jade and antiqued copper rosebud knot earrings

Aquamarine coloured Malay Jade rosebud knot earrings

Long copper spiral link earrings with Lapis rondelle stack

Long elegant spiral link earrings with Peace Jade rondelle stack

Darkly oxed Egyptian scroll and African turquoise earrings

Egyptian coil antiqued copper and Tourmaline earrings

Russian Serpentine rosebud knot wire wrapped earrings

Plum jade antiqued copper rosebud knot earrings

Copper and Mashan Jade rosebud wrapped earrings

Butter Jade spiral wrapped hammered paddle earrings

Dark blue jade and copper coil on coil earrings - made to order

Blue sponge quartz and copper coil on coil earrings

Plum jade and copper coil on coil earrings - made to order

Hammered copper and Palmwood earrings

Carnelian long drop earrings with coiled connectors - made to order

Deep blue jade coil on coil copper earrings

Antiqued copper and garnet wire wrapped heart earrings

Lavender jade spiralled antiqued copper earrings

Deep blue jade long drop spiralled earrings

Aqua jade chunky wrapped double link earrings

Carnelian spiral wrapped hammered paddle earrings - made to order

Snake skin jasper rosebud knot wrapped earrings

Faceted jade rosebud knot wrap earrings - 2 colours to choose from

Antiqued copper and seashell pearl earrings

Egyptian coil and faceted green jade earrings

Bronze swirl link earrings with aquamarine coloured torpedo beads

Antiqued bronze and turquoise cube chain earrings

Antiqued bronze and turquoise magnesite earrings

Bronze and aquamarine torpedo earrings

Bronze and purple Tiger Eye curved earwire earrings

Labradorite and copper long drop earrings

Mookaite lantern bead copper earrings with textured charms

Chalk turquoise and oxed copper spiral wrapped earrings

Mustard jasper earrings spiral wrapped in antiqued copper

Haematite and Sterling silver beaded bead earrings

Oxidised copper ovals with turquoise magnesite

Turquoise veined Jasper oval earrings

Silver long drop earrings with Indian Fancy Jasper

Oxidised coiled link earrings with serpentine jade

Antiqued copper and chalk turquoise spiral wrapped earrings - made to order

Turquoise and antiqued copper earrings with molten buds

Oxidised earrings with river stones and copper raindrops

Antiqued copper leaf spiral and amethyst earrings

Copper, amethyst and garnet wire wrapped earrings

Darkly gunmetal copper earrings with turquoise dyed jade

Antiqued copper coiled link earrings - available in green Jade or Onyx

Antiqued copper gemstone earrings - available in 5 stones

Antiqued Sterling silver twist earrings with lavender coloured jade drops

Antiqued copper and Carnelian twisted link earrings

Faceted rock crystal and Swarovski crystal silver earrings

Copper seashell pearl earrings - now available in 6 colours - made to order

Faceted turquoise jade and silver earrings

Stacked Amethyst rondelle earrings with Sterling silver

Peacock freshwater pearl and silver earrings

Amethyst rondelle and Sterling silver earrings

Red spider web jasper and copper earrings

Spring green freshwater pearl earrings - made to order

Elegant creamy pearl earrings - made to order

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