Long copper spiral link earrings with Lapis rondelle stack


Product Code: 30963f

Stock Level: 1

Long drop antiqued copper earrings featuring an elongated eye like spiral link dangled with a stack of deep blue Lapis rondelles.

The central link of these earrings features an elongated spiral with a little eye like loop at the centre, mirrored by the hanging eye above.  It has been lightly hammered for stability and wrapped with a stack of 3 Lapis rondelle beads, double wrapped on my own ball ended headpins. 

The rondelle beads are a natural Lapis material that have been dyed to enhance the colour and they also show sparkly flecks of pyrites, typical - and an identifying feature - of Lapis and Lapis Lazuli.    The earrings have been antiqued to enhance the textures and give them the warm tones of long-loved copper.

The earrings hang 52mm (2") overall from the top of the straight drop earwires and are 7mm (>¼") at their widest.


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