Long alternating chain link earrings


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Product Code: 19397f

Long drop elegant antiqued copper earrings featuring 3 alternating chain links and ending with a neat dangle of a dark blue goldstone bead, with tiny sparkly inclusions.  The heart of these earrings are the 3 alternating hand crafted links - two long ovals connected by a smaller curved link.  The alternating shapes of the links ensure that the earrings look good from any angle.

The long slender lines - which put me in mind of the style of the Arts and Crafts design movement - are continued with narrow straight drop earwires, mirroring the long links.  They are deliciously fluid as they move easily at each connection and will feel lovely and slinky to wear - which is important when they're as long as they are.

They hang 72mm (2.8") overall from the top of the earwires and they are 8mm (0.3") at their widest.  The copper had been antiqued to enhance the rich warm tones of the copper.

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