Bronze and lapis stack long drop earrings


Product Code: 25057f

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Entirely hand crafted long drop solid bronze earrings featuring oval charm connectors imprinted with a hand drawn pattern and hung with a stack of 3 deep blue lapis rondelles.  The deep intense gold of the bronze works beautifully with the deep blue of the beads. 

At the centre of each earring are my own hand crafted long oval shaped shiny bronze connectors featuring a raised texture of hand drawn shapes.   The bottom dangle on each earring is a stack of 3 deep blue lapis rondelle beads, double wrapped on bronze ball ended headpins.  These are natural lapis material that have been dyed to enhance the colour.   

Much like copper, the bronze will mellow in colour over time, but I do include a storage bag and anti-tarnish tab that will help to protect the original supplied colour, but it can also be polished back later if you wish to retain the bright polished tones.


The earrings hang 60mm (2.3") overall from the top of the hand crafted straight drop earwires and they are 8mm (0.3") at the widest point.  The ends of the earwires have been rounded and polished for your comfort and the handing eyes in them left large enough to allow the earrings to move freely.

What is bronze clay?

Bronze clay is a clay like medium made from tiny particles of bronze, combined with an organic binder and made into a pliable clay or paste with water. After working with the clay-like medium to form the article, it is thoroughly dried to remove all of the water, the shape is further refined and then kiln fired at high temperature to both burn off the binders and to cause the bronze particles to fuse together as solid metal. Bronze clay, kiln fired in this manner is incredibly strong.

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