Bronze teardrop earrings with hand drawn leaf imprint


Product Code: 25044f

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Hand crafted polished bronze teardrop shaped earrings.  Each earring features a teardrop shaped and very delicately domed charm which have been imprinted with a random leaf design. The bronze has been left polished in its original colour which will mellow a little over time and they hang from straight drop hand crafted bronze earwires with a large enough eye to allow them to move freely.

What is bronze clay?

Bronze clay is a clay like medium made from tiny particles of bronze, combined with an organic binder and made into a pliable clay or paste with water. After working with the clay-like medium to form the article, it is thoroughly dried to remove all of the water, the shape is further refined and then kiln fired at high temperature to both burn off the binders and to cause the bronze particles to fuse together as solid metal. Bronze clay, kiln fired in this manner is incredibly strong.

Hand drawn leaf pattern:

The unique and deep leaf imprint has been created from my own hand made texture plate, which started life as a sketch which I scanned and turned into a digital stamp that I then used to make a random pattern of leaves which were then made into a three dimensional texture plate.


The earrings drop 39mm (1½") overall from the top of the straight drop earwires and the teardrops are 16mm (0.63") at their widest.  The bronze has been extensively hand polished and the cut ends of the earwires rounded for your comfort.


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