Butter Jade spiral wrapped hammered paddle earrings


Product Code: 29275f

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Antiqued copper spiral wrapped earrings which each feature a lovely fresh yellowy green bead of Butter Jade which has been spiral wrapped in copper wire on a hammered paddle headpin.

Each earring is made from a single long piece of wire which has been hammered and shaped into a paddle shaped bottom component and then spiralled around the bead to terminate in a wrap around the polished paddle.

The earrings feature a pair of cheerful Butter Jade beads.  Butter jade isn't actually a jade and is sometimes called butter stone.  It is formed from fossilised algae, hence its buttery yellow green colour and occasional inclusions.  Some examples of the stone will show distinct layers or bands.  It tends to be called jade due to its delicate translucence and colour, reminiscent of quality jade and is one of the oldest stones on the planet, formed hundreds of millions of years ago.  Most of the stone comes from the south end of the continent of Africa.

The earrings are entirely hand crafted and drop 35mm (1.4") overall from the top of the large classic earwires and are 11mm (0.45") at their widest. They have been antiqued to bring out the textures of the wrapping and all cut ends have been filed smooth for your comfort.

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