Antiqued bronze and turquoise magnesite earrings

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Antiqued bronze and Stabilised turquoise magnesite earrings.  These are simple wire wrapped earrings being offered at a clearance price as they were made as test pieces.   Before I started working more in bronze I made one earring with a sample piece I had, to see how it worked before buying more of the metal.  When my stock arrived, I made another to match it - but without seemingly looking at it properly, so they don't quite match, one has a slightly longer wrapped section than the other.  This is reflected in the price and they were otherwise made to my usual standards.

They have the look of expensive turquoise, but on a budget, with these dyed natural beads.   Magnesite is a natural mineral that is predominantly clear or chalky looking in nature, but takes dye well to mimic the appearance of more expensive gemstones.

The earrings drop 28mm overall from the earwires and the beads are 10mm (0.4") in diameter.

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