Silver long drop earrings with Indian Fancy Jasper - made to order


Product Code: 18971f - made to order

These Sterling silver and Indian Fancy Jasper long drop earrings are one of my earliest designs and it remains a favourite.  I think they're elegant, classical, timeless and very wearable and versatile - they'll look just as good with a party dress, or jeans, a business suit or summer dress.

The feature beads are gorgeous polygon shaped semi-precious stones of Indian Fancy Jasper.  They are gently faceted and glossy and are a gorgeous subtle colour, that is neither blue, green or grey - I've tried to photograph them from different angles and on different backgrounds to show the assorted colours included, from mustard to burgundy and through a whole range of blues and greens.

All of the metal is Sterling silver, except the bead caps which are silver plated, and they're assembled on my own made ball ended headpins, given the long elegant drop with smooth tubes of silver, capped with small silver beads.  They hang 54mm (2.1") overall from the top of my straight drop earwires and the beads are approximately 12mm (0.45") in diameter.  All cut ends have been filed smooth for comfort and they've been extensively polished.

Please note that Indian Fancy Jasper comes in a wide range of colours, so they will vary a little from the pair shown, although I will try to select stones as close as these in colour as possible.

Please note that these earrings are not currently available from stock, but would be made to order for you, so please allow me a few additional days to custom make a pair especially for you.

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