Plum jade antiqued copper rosebud knot earrings


Product Code: 30644

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Plum jade and antiqued copper rosebud knot wire wrapped earrings.  The gentle smoky purple plum jade beads have been wrapped with a fine gauge of copper wire which forms a delicate rosebud knot below the bead, then spirals twice around the bead to form a double wrapped neck atop the bead.

The beads are called plum jade and it's a slightly darker and smoky tone than lavender jade  They are coloured naturally in varied subtle tones from the iron content in the stone.

Each earring is made from a single piece of wire which has been variously knotted, looped around the bead and wrapped above it in an alternative to a more straightforward headpin.

The earrings are entirely hand crafted and drop around 32mm (1¼") overall from the top of my straight drop earwires and the beads are 10mm (0.4") in diameter. They have been antiqued to bring out the textures of the wrapping and all cut ends have been filed smooth for your comfort.

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