Hammered copper and Palmwood earrings


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The featured beads of these hammered and antiqued copper earrings are a pair of gorgeous speckled palmwood bicones.  The beads are angular and dramatic in shape, with a lovely smooth satin finish and I think their flecked pattern has a wild and animal camoflage feel.

To compliment the wild theme, I've ball riveted the beads to hammered and curved paddles made from copper sheet.  The beads are held firmly in place with my own made ball rivets made from bronze.  Once melted, bronze is close to copper in colour, but it makes a gorgeous round ball and rivets well, so I enjoy using bronze where I can. 

Whilst the earrings are quite a statement piece, because the Palmwood is very light and the sheet I've used is quite thin, the earrings overall are deceptively light.  They hang 50mm (2") overall from the scrolled and hammered earwires and they are 15mm (0.6") at their widest.

What is Palmwood:

Palmwood is the timber trunk of coconut producing palm trees.  It is farmed from either old palm trees that no longer produce coconuts or as a timber crop in its own right.  The timber has an unusual texture without knots or grain as we'd recognise (which arises from growth rings), but is made from long fibres of different density - the denser the fibre, the darker its colour.  Hence, when cut through horizontally, you see this gorgeous speckled design.  The trees are dense and rigid at the outer edges of the trunk with a progressively softer core towards the centre.


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