Antiqued copper and garnet wire wrapped heart earrings


Product Code: 28086f

Stock Level: 1

Hammer textured antiqued copper heart earrings, wire wrapped with a roughly faceted garnet chip.  They are made in heavy gauge copper wire, which has been hammered into shape and then further for texture and antiqued for the tone of well loved copper.  The edges have been hand polished for a soft handle.

Each heart has been wire wrapped with two faceted garnets, one on the body of the heart itself and the other is trapped in the wire wrapping of the straight drop earwires.

The earwires have been hammered for strength and the ends filed for comfort.  But due to the fine holes in the garnets and the care needed when working near them, the earwires are a little more delicate than usual - as copper is a soft metal and will bend with heavier handling.  But given a gentle touch they will still give you long service.

These heart earrings hang 48mm (1.9") overall from the top of the earwires and hang 24mm (<1") at their widest. They are very light and comfortable to wear.

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