Sterling silver curly heart earrings


Product Code: 18191f

Stock Level: 2

Entirely hand crafted Sterling silver curly heart earrings, cold forged from a single piece of silver wire. They have been formed, shaped, hammered and extensively hand polished to be smooth and tactile to the touch.

The earrings are smoothly sinuous and a delicate design that drop 32mm (1¼") overall from the top of the straight drop hand crafted earwires and they hang 19mm (¾") at their widest in wear.

The ends are rounded and smooth and the hearts have been hammered in different planes then extensively hand polished to give a lovely smooth profile on every surface. The earwires have been filed smooth and tumble polished for your comfort.

Matching necklace:

There is a matching necklace available and a similar pair of earrings in antiqued copper.  Please see the Related Products section below.

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