Filigree heart pendant with ivy leaves, berries and a CZ gemstone


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A delicate one of a kind filigree pink bronze heart pendant filled with curls, tendrils, ivy leaves and buds and a single pale lavender coloured Cubic Zirconia (CZ) faceted gemstone nestles amongst the coils.

The heart pendant hangs on the included chain from a triple looped continuous coil of bronze atop the heart, reinforced with tiny balls and leaves.   The scrolls that fill the body of the heart are festooned with individually hand sculpted naturalistic details and the outer edge is wrapped with delicate tendrils of solid metal.  There are even a few reinforcing leaves on the back of the heart to add further interest.

Carefully nestled amongs the scrolls I have mounted a gorgeous pale lavender cubic zirconium gemstone for additional colour and sparkle.  Each tiny nature inspired element is sculpted and formed by hand, dried, then applied carefully with a magnifier and tweezers.  This design represents many hours of painstaking work and this is reflected in the price.

The pendant hangs 43mm (1.7") in height and is 37mm (1½") at its widest in wear.  

The necklace has been made by me in a pink bronze metal clay called Desert Sun, which has a high copper content, but is officially a bronze.  So I think it would satisfy both requirements for either a bronze, or copper piece. 

Larger photos:

If you'd like to see more details of this piece, I've created a gallery of larger versions of the images above.

I suggest two chain lengths:

I would suggest that the pendant could either be worn at the throat within the neckline of clothing, or longer over the top of a garment.  To this end I will supply the pendant with two different chains of the same weight and quality but slightly different designs - one for each type of wear.  I would suggest a shorter chain something in the area of 18" long and a longer chain around 24-30" - but please do specify your own preferences in the comment box during checkout.

What is metal clay?

Metal clay (now available in base metals like copper, bronze, iron, steel and brass and precious metals like silver and even gold) is a clay like medium made from tiny particles of metal, combined with an organic binder and made into a pliable clay or paste with water. After working with the clay-like medium to form the article, it is thoroughly dried to remove all of the water, the shape is further refined and then fired at very high temperature in a kiln to both burn off the binders and to cause the metal particles to fuse together as solid metal - this firing takes a full day to complete - at which time I tend to work with crossed fingers, hoping that the kiln gods are smiling on me that day and it fires successfully.   Not everything does.

Please note that due to the value and unique nature of this item, it will be posted Special Delivery within the UK (which will require signature on delivery) or by a signed for International service where the service is available.  There is no additional charge for this, it is my preference to send it in this manner.

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