Antiqued bronze and turquoise cube chain earrings


Product Code: 22824f

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Antiqued bronze chain earrings, wrapped with three turquoise magnesite cubes each. These are long, shoulder duster statement earrings, but the chain could be shortened a little if you would prefer something a little shorter.

The base chain is an antiqued gold coloured plated cable chain, which has been wrapped at the bottom with 3 cubes of turquoise magnesite. The cubes have been drilled diagonally which makes them hang at a more interesting angle. Each cube has been wrapped on a balled bronze head pin and the earrings hang from my own solid bronze large classic earwires.

They have the look of expensive turquoise, but on a budget, with these dyed natural beads. Magnesite is a natural mineral that is predominantly clear or chalky looking in nature, but takes dye well to mimic the appearance of more expensive gemstones.

The bronze has been antiqued to bring it closer to the colour of the chain. The match isn't quite as good as I hoped that it might be, so this is reflected in their price.

The earrings hang 73mm (2.85") from the top of the earwires and the earrings hang approximately 15mm (0.6") in wear. The chain could be shortened a little if you'd prefer to wear them shorter.

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