Haematite and Sterling silver beaded bead earrings


Product Code: 20629f

Stock Level: 1

Haematite, seed bead and Sterling silver beaded bead earrings.  Perfect black and silver earrings to wear with and bling up that little black dress. 

The core of each earring is a beaded bead comprising a cluster of 3 large haematite beads with their typical gunmetal sheen, netted with tiny black seed beads with accents of silver plated seed beads and positioned between a pair of smaller haematite beads.

The earrings are assembled with all hand crafted Sterling silver metalwork. I've hand stitched the beaded beads myself using quality and very strong beading thread which has been woven in and out many times so that they will stand the test of time.

The earrings hang 41mm (1.6") overall from the top of my hand crafted straight drop earwires and are approximately 18mm (0.7") at their widest in wear. 

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