Shaggy Loops silver plated earrings - black and silver


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These earrings are delightfully fluid, tactile and have lots of shimmer when you move.  They are made with a chainmaille weave called Shaggy Loops. Each external loose loop (there are a pair on every link) has a Toho Japanese seed bead - all in a black and silver colourway.  There are 16 beads on each earring and over 20 rings.  The colours featured are glossy black, matt black, silver lined clear and haematite black.  I chose the colours to be suitable to bling up that little black dress.

The rings used are silver plated but they hang from my own hand formed Sterling silver earwires.  They hang 52mm (2") overall from the top of the earwire and the pattern is very approximately 11mm (0.4") in diameter when hanging straight.  This pair are made with larger rings and beads than some of the other similar earrings in the shop.

Fancy something similar?

The length could easily be adjusted if you fancy something different from shown.  They can also be made in other colours and with different diameters of rings.  Each repeat of this pattern adds about 5mm (0.2") to the overall length.  I could also make a matching bracelet or necklace - please see the sold section for examples and some more bracelets in the bracelet category.

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