Silver Earrings

All of the earrings displayed in this sub-category are made in either Sterling silver or fine silver.  They may occasionally have some silver plated elements, but this will be detailed in the product description.

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Fuchsia sketch Sterling silver earrings with Swarovski crystal

Sterling silver textured hammered small ring earrings

Large glossy Sterling silver molten pebble earrings

Solid silver one piece ivy leaf drop earrings with cubic zirconium

Silver square chain link earrings

Amethyst faceted crystal and silver stack earrings

Sterling silver long drop earrings with a faceted topaz crystal

Haematite and Sterling silver beaded bead earrings

Turquoise glass pearl beaded bead earrings

Black & silver crystal beaded bead earrings

Large molten pebble earrings in Sterling silver

Sterling silver molten nugget articulated earrings

Large black fire polished crystal earrings

Silver long drop earrings with Indian Fancy Jasper - made to order

Sterling silver curly heart earrings

Hammered oval Sterling silver earrings

Rosebud knot loop Sterling silver earrings

Molten silver raindrops cluster earrings on silver chain - made to order

Ice fairy lavender pressed flower and crystal earrings

Ice fairy earrings now available in 4 colours

Spiralled leaf shape Sterling silver earrings

Silver raindrop molten bud earrings

Polished silver spiral leaf, one piece earrings

Sterling silver earrings featuring molten silver buds - made to order

Sterling silver raindrop ring earrings - made to order

Sterling silver polished spiral link earrings - made to order

Antiqued Sterling silver twist earrings with lavender coloured jade drops

Delicate ice fairy pressed flower and crystal earrings

Rock crystal and Sterling silver oval link earrings

Faceted rock crystal and Swarovski crystal silver earrings

Delicate Sterling silver leaf outline earrings

Sterling silver asymmetric teardrop earrings

Seed bead star earrings - choose either copper or silver

Copper seashell pearl earrings - now available in 6 colours - made to order

Faceted turquoise jade and silver earrings

Stacked Amethyst rondelle earrings with Sterling silver

Peacock freshwater pearl and silver earrings

Chunky olive green glass cube earrings - made to order

Chunky pink glass cube earrings - made to order

Gunmetal faceted crystal earrings on long silver drops

Add more crystals to your cluster - optional upgrade

Metallic crystal and silver cluster earrings - available in 17 colours! Made to order

Sea mist crystal and silver cluster earrings - now available in 17 colours!

Crystal cube silver earrings

Czech glass black cube earrings

Spring green freshwater pearl earrings - made to order

Elegant creamy pearl earrings - made to order

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