Sterling silver molten nugget articulated earrings


Product Code: 19471f

Stock Level: 1

These solid Sterling silver earrings are a new variation in my series of earrings featuring molten Sterling silver nuggets.  This pair are made in two parts, making the nugget section articulated, allowing them to move more freely with your own movements.  The pebble of silver drops a little lower below the ear than the other single piece pairs available, from my own straight drop earwires.

They are a simple, contemporary and yet timeless pair of go-with-anything earrings that are comfortable for unobtrusive all-day wear.   The perfect pair to reach for when you don't have something to directly match your necklace or other silver jewellery.

They're a solid molten pebble of Sterling silver and the melting process has given rise to a delicate hint of reticulation on the surface.  Reticulation is a surface wrinkle created by repeatedly heating to almost melting point and then rapidly cooling silver, which causes unpredictable and gorgeous textures on the surface.  I've chosen to polish them to a shine without smoothing out the texture.

Because of the weight of the nuggets, I wanted to ensure a good secure back and the hanging loop has been attached by a hammered coil of silver which makes the backs as decorative as the front.  Please see the additional photographs for photographs of the backs.

They hang 25mm (1") overall from the top of the earwire and the nuggets of silver are approximately 8mm (0.3") in diameter.


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