Sterling silver long drop earrings with a faceted topaz crystal


Product Code: 24027f

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These long drop tubular earrings in Sterling silver are one of my earliest designs and it remains a constant and favourite, perhaps because it's a timeless and versatile design.

This pair feature a pair of gorgeous deep golden topaz coloured faceted crystal rondelle beads - which are beautifully cut and twinkle when moving far more than the still photos can do justice to.

I think they're elegant, classical, timeless and very wearable and versatile - they'll look just as good with a party dress, or jeans, a business suit or summer dress.

All of the metal is Sterling silver and they're assembled on my own made ball ended headpins, given the long elegant drop with three small tubes of silver, capped with small silver beads. They hang 40mm (1.6") overall from the top of my small classic shaped earwires and the beads are approximately 10mm (0.4") in diameter. All cut ends have been filed smooth for comfort and they've been extensively polished.

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