Large glossy Sterling silver molten pebble earrings


Product Code: 30750f

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Wear-with-anything solid molten Sterling silver pebble earrings.  Each earring features a molten and solid pebble of Sterling silver. Each polished pebble has a shaped integral earwire, making them comfortable for unobtrusive all-day wear. A totally contemporary, yet timeless design, that will give you many years of service.

The idea for these earrings was borne from my own desire for something simple that won't get ensnaired with my hair, spectacles and MP3 player earbuds. They're the perfect pair to reach for when you don't have something to directly match your necklace or other silver jewellery.  They're timeless, simple and elegant and like my own pair, I suspect they'll be a popular pair in your collection.  Their elegant simplicity ensures they will be equally at home with a t-shirt or a designer gown.

When I make these pebbles by melting silver, I can't predict how the metal will end up and this pair are especially well matched and very smooth and shiny.  Whilst I always weight the same amount of silver for each pebble intended as a pair, it's not as easy to predict the shape they'll end up as the metal cools, so it is very pleasing when they're a nice round shape and even more so when the surface texture is pleasing.  These are smooth, a slight oval shape and have a deep glossy shine.

Because of the weight of the nuggets, I wanted to ensure a good secure back and the earwire has been attached by a hammered coil of silver which makes the backs as decorative as the front, which you can see in some of the photographs.

They hang 19mm (¾") overall from the top of the earwire and each nugget is 9mm (0.35") in diameter.   They are a substantial chunk of solid Sterling silver, weighing in at 4.5g for the pair.  A selection of silicone earring backs are sent out with all earrings to assist with keeping them in position.


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