Add more crystals to your cluster - optional upgrade


Product Code: Extra crystals

If you'd like to add more crystals to lengthen the Sterling silver crystal cluster earrings as shown, please add 1 unit to your basket here for each extra crystal in length you'd like the earrings (i.e. 2 extra per pair) - as an optional extra to the earrings themselves - don't forget to order them too. 

The earrings come with 3 crystal dangles on each earring already and you can lengthen them as much as you'd like.  Each unit added to your basket here will add 1 crystal extra per earring. 

For example:

So if you'd like your earrings to have 6 crystals on each, please add 3 units here, as well as the original earrings (which have 3 crystals), giving rise to a total cost of £21.50 for the pair = £14 + (3 x £2.50=)  £7.50  = £21.50.

Choose your own colours too!

There are many colours available to choose from, you can have all one colour, or mix them in combinations, as some of the suggestions shown in the additional photographs.  Please see the additional photographs for some ideas and all of the colours and the original earrings are shown in the Related Products section below.

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