Ice fairy earrings now available in 4 colours


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Hand crafted earrings featuring beads in delicate icy colours. When I first made some of these for myself and for Christmas gifts I thought they looked like little icy fairies in delicate ball gowns - or delicate glass fuchsias.

Whilst making some more up of these, I found that I had sufficient bead combinations to offer them in 3 more new colours - after all, any self-respecting ice fairy probably has more than one ball gown.

They are now available in 4 colours:


  • The original Ice - matt white flower and clear crystal
  • Jonquil, a delicate warm lemon yellow colour
  • Fruit Salad, a slightly variegated orangey red
  • Capri Blue - a vibrant intense blue

Each earring features a pressed glass flower, topped with a Tibetan silver leaf shaped bead cap and the twinkle comes from a bodice of a single Swarovski Elements crystal - which simply sparkle like no others.

The earrings are made on my own hand crafted Sterling silver balled headpin and hang from hand crafted Sterling silver earwires - the ends of which have been rounded for your comfort.

The earrings hang 27mm (> 1") overall from the top of the earwire and they hang around 9mm (0.33") wide in wear. They are very delicate, so please check the sizes against a ruler as they show much larger in the photographs here than they are.

You can order from either this page or the page for the original ice fair earrings as below, but please ensure that you tell me which colour you would like during checkout.

I currently have one pair of each colour in stock.


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