22 May 2012

Ladybirds and pine shoots

Further to my previous post about the emergence of spring flowers and the bright optimistic green of new foliage, I’m going to make a quick interim post with a couple more photos on that theme – and my next post will be the work in progress blog that I’m working on. I apologise for getting side-lined, but if I don’t post photos I’ve taken here, they just languish un-loved as files on my hard drive.

We’d had such a lovely day last Saturday on our day out that we decided to avail ourselves of another favourable weather forecast for Sunday and do it all again. Just because we could.

Please click on any of the photographs for a larger view, or if your browser supports it, click to open in a new tab to see them at the size I prepared them.

The bright green new shoots of the pine trees had developed tangibly in the intervening eight days and were starting to stretch out as new branches. It also must be the time of year that ladybirds emerge and we saw more in that one walk than I’ve seen in a long time. This particular young tree was especially abundant and I was able to get quite close to take some photographs. I loved the abstract of them against the vibrant green textures.

We also saw more of the delicate Pink Purslane flowers I posted last week too – they do seem to like to nestle against fallen rotting logs and where they must get occasional patches of sunshine too. The day was largely ‘fine’ but we did get odd flashes of warm sunshine through the trees and it’s always such a delight to me to see the patterns that form as it fingers its way between the trees to the forest floor. One of my very favourite things.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy and re-charge my flagging spirits.

4 thoughts on “Ladybirds and pine shoots

  1. Thank you – I’m delighted that you liked the photo – I just love scenes like that myself – I just cannot conceive of life without being amongst trees.

  2. Oooohhh! I just LOVE forest photos (maybe because we don’t have any real forest here until you head toward Yosemite). Your last photo is currently my computer wallpaper at work. I’ll enjoy it for a long time :)

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