About Me

One of my very favourite spots at Beacon Fell in Lanashire, England.

I’m an independent self-taught jewellery designer making my living from creating things with my hands.  I live in Lancashire in England.  I love photography too and have made some of my living in the past with a camera in my hands.  I now largely do it for my jewellery work and my own pleasure.  But my adult career has always been connected to various creative processes, being a technical illustrator by trade.

I feel very influenced by the natural world and think (and hope) that this is reflected in my work.  I love being outside and especially amongst trees – that will be fairly obvious once you browse through a few of my photo blogs here – it will be a recurring theme – as will many of the places that feature.

I always take my sketch book when we go out walking and many of my pieces are the result of ideas scribbled when we return to the car.  Inspiration can come from anything as simple as the curve of a blade of grass, the texture of tree bark or the patterns of sunlight through leaves.

My blog is largely self-indulgent – a repository for photographs, especially where there might be a story attached, or a theme to them – and a place to document work or ideas or new processes I get to grips with.  I write and record here purely as a record of my life and work, but if you too can glean something from it, then that would be a lovely bonus.

Please feel free to comment on any posts, I do love getting feedback.

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