Photography Articles

Goldfinch feeding on the tiny seeds in thistle heads.

As I’ve written quite a few articles related to photographic techniques etc. on the blog and my other sites, I’ll link them together here so that they’re easier to find.

Off-site articles:

Original tutorial article on small item photography

Free to make lighting diffuser – see supplementary blog page below too **

Gig photography with a compact camera

How far do things move during shutter actuations? Ever wondered why shutter speed is such a big issue?

Depth of field - a powerful creative tool.
Depth of field – a powerful creative tool.

A page of more technical photography articles on my photography portfolio site.

Hyperfocal distance and depth of field with DSLRs – whilst the numbers and details are specific to a particular range of cameras, with a known sensor size, the basic principles and explanations can be applied to any camera.

Posts imported from my original Blogger blog on photographic subjects:

Can you take decent product shots with a low end camera?

** Later modifications to my lighting diffuser

Common product photography problems

Exposure of items on dark backgrounds

What camera should I buy for small item photography?

Aluminium kitchen foil as a photographic tool

One of my very favourite places to be.
One of my very favourite places to be.

Using reflections creatively to remove hot spots

Set dressing your product photographs

The camera you don’t leave at home is the best one

I’d really rather just be making pretty things – blog about the work it takes to put a made item up for sale.

Why do the simplest ideas take longest to drop? – blog about a simplified diffuser for pieces that need a little more shadow to bring out textures.

Some free image management and editing software that you might find useful