24 Sep 2008

Serendiptitous jewellery making

I’m currently working like something possessed, in order to prepare for a large art and craft market I’m doing this coming weekend. I have much more space than a normal craft fair table, so am spending a lot of time putting together display materials and trying to get more organised. I spent so long at my last craft fair taking pieces out of ziplock bags to put on display that I swore I wanted to do it better next time.

I’m not convinced – at all – that I’m achieving that. Yet.

But in the process of finishing various part made pieces – and components like pendants – to display, I ordered some more antiqued copper chain and decided to try some ball chain at the same time. When it came, it was rather chunkier than I’d envisioned – despite being fully aware the size. It’s funny how often components you buy are a completely different size when they arrive, despite knowing their size and checking against a ruler, your mind just forms a picture at completely the wrong scale.

The ball chain was going to be the wrong weight for the pieces I had in mind, but on my work mat was a polymer clay pendant that I’d put ready to finish with one of the chains and this looked pretty good with the chunkier ball chain. So I dug around in my box of polymer clay pieces to see what else I had that might work.

You know how it is – and I don’t suppose I’m unique in this regard – you make some pieces that are too good to discard, but you somehow can’t make quite work. So you put them aside for another day. I found two other pendants that fell into that category, so made some double wrapped loop bails with co-ordinating bead details and antiqued the copper to match the ball chain and made three brand new pieces from pendants I hadn’t previously known quite what to do with.

Sometimes serendipity gives rise to the most pleasing results. So don’t panic, those part made pieces you put aside until inspiration strikes, may someday take on a new life. When the time is just right.