10 Jan 2009

Bonus earring display stand:

I’ve added a new page to the original necklace display bust template/tutorial to include a smaller, freestanding display card for a single pair of earrings. As I outlined in my previous blog (7th January 2009), I have found that customers seem to like being able to pick earrings up individually, on a card or in a box, to view and I developed a smaller display card for this purpose.

The new display template has been added to the original necklace bust template and this has been replaced with the latest version.

Latest modification: January 2009.

Template PDF (700+Kb): http://www.boo-jewellery.co.uk/etsy/NecklaceStandTemplateJan09.pdf

4 thoughts on “Bonus earring display stand:

  1. Thank you for this. It was linked from Crafter…oo, which is a forum I post on. I have been searching on-line for busts for a C&G course I am doing, but we are supposed to make our own. This will be perfect, enlarged to fit my pieces. Plus, it will be so much cheaper than buying 9 busts!

    Thanks again x

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