24 Nov 2011

Anniversary, the last few leaves and new puppies

As I wrote a note this morning and went to date it, I realised that today was actually my on-line selling anniversary – I have no idea how that snook up so quickly. 4 years under my belt now as a proper on-line self-representing seller.

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I just love the colours of sunshine on beech leaves on a crisp autumn day – against clear blue sky. It would have been criminal not to get out and appreciate it.

I think I probably actually started selling in the spring of 2007, but I spent a long while faffing about trying to settle on a system for selling – whether to try and develop my own shopping cart, just use PayPal buttons or to make life a little easier and use a third party selling venue. In the short term, I settled on selling through Etsy and set up my shop there, embedding it into the page of my own web site, whilst I sorted out a proper cart behind the scenes to replace my initial shambolic efforts.

So the day I opened my Etsy shop became my official anniversary as it’s a line in the sand that I can identify with as a corner turned and the date is there in my shop as a reminder. I now have over 520 items in my own shop and those first scary efforts feel like a lifetime ago.

Who wouldn’t want to walk down this path. I passed more people in hiking boots than I think I’ve ever seen in the area – everyone obviously felt the same way that I did about not wasting the opportunity.

So I decided to hold a short-notice 48 hour sale to celebrate, so I have 20% off everything in my shop and coupon code ETSYVERSARY20 will secure you the same discount if you prefer shopping on Etsy.

We had a couple of gorgeous days last week and I took myself out for some fresh air whilst it lasted and I suspect that I got to enjoy the last decent showing of autumn colour for 2011. One tree that I had photographed in absolute glory only 9 days previously was now almost bare, so the wind we’ve had over the last few days is sure to have seen many more leaves off.

I fear that the next time I walk this path it will be devoid of leaves and will feel much more bare and wintry. So I shall let you enjoy the photographs before we have to face the on-coming winter.

Last weekend we visited with family as it was my Mother’s birthday and my sister has just given a home to her new Miniature Snauzer puppy Klara – who is just over 9 weeks old – she’s been waiting for this since before she was born, having put her name down with the breeder after the Mum’s pregnancy was confirmed.

She’s absolutely adorable; cute as a button, full of energy, affectionate, very bright (learnt to sit on command over a weekend) and full of beans and extreme cheekiness. So I’ll leave you with an “ahhhhh” moment which should warm your heart on this cold November evening.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Stateside chums.

It’s not obvious from the shot above, just how tiny she is, until you see her with Mr Boo. He’s not that keen on dogs apparently, but he always seems to have one on his lap and they always seem to want to be there!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary, the last few leaves and new puppies

  1. Thanks Jenni – and apologies, your comment didn’t appear when I approved it last night. When I go for my lunchtime walk, it’s not all as pretty as the shots shown, I walk through a mill yard and along a main road to get to them, but it’s still worth it. I absolutely love being near trees, I can’t imagine not living amongst them.

    My sister lost her other Snauzer in the summer and has missed her very much. If I had a dog, it would be a breed I’d certainly look at.

  2. Love your beautiful trees, how lucky you are to live so close to that kind of beauty. Love the pup….we have had 2 miniature schnauzers in my family…one left now…”pepper” is 11. I have huge pressure from some family members to get another!
    I know how adorable they can be.

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