Antiqued copper twisted rope and chain necklace


Product Code: 11853f

Stock Level: 4

A simple necklace featuring a central section of twisted copper rope suspended in a length of antiqued copper chain.

The central section of this necklace features a heavy length of twisted copper rope hanging within the antiqued copper chain. The rope section has been made by twisting strands of copper wire together as a rope and this has been wrapped around a central core of heavy gauge copper wire - the middle rope section contains well over 2m of wire, so has a nice solid weight to it. The copper has been antiqued to enhance the texture of the twists and turns.  All of the cut ends have been filed smooth for your comfort.

The central rope sections end up being around 100mm (4") in width and 6mm (¼") in diameter, the actual end size is determined by how tightly the rope wires coil, so there is a little variation from one to the next, even if I start with the same lengths of wire.    I've recently modified the design a little, to make the rope both of a tighter texture and with a little longer section of it, as shown in the main photograph above.  Some of the additional photographs are of a slightly looser and shorter length of rope, but it shows the potential extremities of the design.

Please note:   I keep these necklaces made and in stock, but without their chains in place, so that I can add these at the required length for the customer at the time of ordering, so please allow me a little extra time to complete this process for you.  I feel that this design is best worn at choker or collarbone length, so please remember to give me your size requirement when ordering - there's a comment box in the checkout process for such information.  The necklace will be sent out at 430mm (17") if no size is provided.  The chain fastens with a hand crafted hook and loop clasp, as shown in the additional photographs.

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