Hammered copper twisted spiral earrings


Product Code: 26252f

Stock Level: 1

These copper hammered and twisted spiral earrings are one of a range of spiral variations available in the shop - some will show in the Related Products section below and refreshing the page may show more versions. 

Each solid copper earring features a large spiral of copper wire that has been twisted from 3 lengths of the same gauge. It has then been hammered slightly flat, just enough to open the twists and give some flat spots to catch the light. They were tumble polished for extra shine before being antiqued to bring out the textures.

The spirals hang from hand formed straight-hanging earwires, with large eyes to allow the spirals to move freely.  This is a size that I'm not likely to make again, so this slightly more robust pair of spirals will remain one of a kind.

They hang around 46mm (1.8") overall from the top of the earwire and each spiral is approximately 19mm (¾") in diameter.

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