Hammered and oxidised copper spiral earrings


Product Code: 11747f

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These entirely natural copper earrings each feature one single large tightly spiralled length of 1.25 mm (16ga) diameter copper wire. It has then been hammered flat, then textured with little facets that reflect the light and sparkle as you move. They were tumble polished for extra shine before being oxidised to a deep black.

They were then extensively tumble polished further to bring out a glossy gunmetal colour on the surface. I then hand polished the very proud ridges of the hammering to bring out the subtle pattern of the hammered texture.

The spirals hang from hand formed straight-hanging earwires, which have been hammered, tumble polished and the points filed for comfort. It was hard to capture how glossy they look in reality, so some of the photographs were taken without a diffuser to highlight the reflective nature of the surface finish.

They hang around 35mm (1.6") overall from the top of the earwire and each spiral is approximately 15mm (0.6") in diameter. I have several pairs made of these earrings and more than one pair features in the photographs, so a modest variation may occur from pair to pair.

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