Fluid copper spirals earrings


Product Code: 4181f

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A fluid and slinky pair of copper spiral earrings, with graduating spirals of coiled copper and available in three finishes, raw shiny copper, antiqued copper and fully oxidised gunmetal copper.  The design has recently been re-vamped to include more spirals in more sizes.

They're fun to wear too - the loose dangle of spirals is very fluid and slinky and they're incredibly tactile and fiddle-worthy. The basic assembly is the same as my shaggy loops chainmaille weave; the spirals dangle from a central chain of hand crafted copper rings.

These entire earrings started life from a reel of straight wire. Each of the components was hand-formed by me and then tumbled for strength and shine. The earwires have been hammered lightly for strength, tumbled for polish and the ends filed for your comfort.   Each earring contains 11 copper spirals and they hang 52mm (2") overall from the top of the earwire and they hang approximately 12mm (½") wide in wear.

Don't forget to tell me your preferred finish?

They are available as raw polished red copper, antiqued copper and oxidised gunmetal copper.  Please specify your preference in the comment box during checkout.  Please see the additional photographs for photographs of all the different finishes available.

Please note:  I currently have a pair of each colour finish in stock.  The darkly oxidised pair have a little more copper showing on the edges than those in the photographs, but they have a lovely deep shine too.

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