Copper spiral stud earrings - 2 versions to choose from


Product Code: 3108f

Stock Level: 6

For those earring wearers that don't like earrings that dangle, I've developed a range of studs too.

Spirals of copper wire terminate in the earring post and they have been antiqued by oxidising and polishing back to shiny on the proud surfaces to enhance the texture of the spiral and then tumble polished for shine and strength. Each earring comes with a selection of ear nuts to keep them in place. The earring post has been filed smooth for your comfort.

Please note that copper is a very soft metal and a little care needs to be used when placing the earrings in the piercing and then putting the back in place.

I've now added a hammered shiny copper version too, the facets of which catch the light as you move.  Just let me know which you prefer in the comments box during checkout.

The spirals are approximately 8mm (0.3") in diameter - the antiqued ones are a smidge smaller than the hammered versions.

I currently have 8 pairs in stock; four antiqued pairs and four hammered pairs.


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