Credit Crunchers

I have introduced a range of jewellery at lower prices, for these cash strapped times we find ourselves in. Let's face it, we are all having to watch the pennies, but it's still nice to treat ourselves once in a while.

All of these items will have exactly the same quality of workmanship and customer service I offer on all of my items - these are principles which I simply will not compromise.

I will however be able to keep prices lower by offering designs which are of a simpler construction taking less time to make and also by using less expensive ranges of materials e.g. glass pearls instead of freshwater pearls, or glass beads as opposed to semi-precious gemstones. I can also make big time savings by reducing the details I include on the listing pages, with fewer photographs - as this is a very time-consuming task.

The priority with this range of Credit Crunchers is simply to offer some less expensive pieces. I'll aim to keep this collection under £25.

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