Enamelled sliding lid pillbox wth flowery design


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Product Code: 28709f

Why not add some cheer to your hand bag with this bright and cheerfully enamelled sliding lid pill box.  I've used a commercially made steel tin with a sliding lid, that I've enamelled with a decorative geometric flower design in deep red and white on a purple background.

The sliding lid of the tin clicks closed to keep the contents secure, but by pressing the lid a little with your thumb at the open end, it releases it to slide open easily again.   For ease of filling the tin, the lid can be removed completely by sliding it off the end.  It could hold hard cosmetics like lip balm, but wouldn't be leak proof for anything liquid.  Ideal for holding your daily medications discreetly in your bag or pocket.

The box measures 52mm (2") x 27mm (1") and is 10mm (0.4") tall. 

I've hand polished the cut edges to be smooth to the touch and then enamelled the cheery flower based design in several coats to the flat surface of the lid.  The enamels I've used are in a powdered form and the layers are built up and melted together gradually to provide a rich deeply coloured resilient surface.

The price already includes gift wrap and post and packing.

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