Polymer clay heart pendant with copper crackle and copper bail


Product Code: 32897f

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Polymer clay heart pendant featuring a delicate copper coloured crackle pattern on a pale green ground and hanging with my own copper shaped bail, which has been ball riveted to the heart.  The pendant hangs on a double strand of a delicate decorative chain.

All of the components of the pendant have been entirely hand crafted by me.  The polymer clay heart has a pale green base which has been overlayed with a translucent layer which has strands of a deep peach copper coloured crackle texture safely embedded within it.  The heart has been sanded to a smooth finish and buffed to a lovely sheen.  The heart has been hung from a shaped and textured bail made from copper clay and ball riveted together.

The pendant measures 41mm (1.6") overall in height and is 40mm (1½") at it's widest in wear.  It has been paired with a double strand of a gorgeous delicate 'pinch link' chain.  The chain might look delicate, but it's a very good quality soldered link chain and the double stranded pattern teams well with the texture of the crackle pattern.  The chain is currently 550mm (21½") overall and can be shortened to taste, but I can't make it longer in this instance I'm afraid.

Please don't forget to let me know if you'd like the chain adjusted shorter at the time of ordering - it will be sent at the size it currently is without instruction to the contrary.

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