Polymer clay blue tones carved pendant on rope chain


Product Code: 33175f

Stock Level: 1

Hand crafted polymer clay pendant which features a number of colour techniques in blue and beige tones and hanging from a silver plated rope chain.  The pendant features a multi-toned surface pattern on top of a very deep blue coloured base and the surface has then been hand carved, so that the dark shows from underneath in the pattern.  The edges also feature little carved texture details.

The pendant has been sanded through several grades of sanding papers to give a lovely smooth surface finish and then buffed to a sheen with wax.  It is glued to a silver plated Aanraku bail and it hangs from a really nice quality silver plated rope chain.

The pendant is 65mm (2.4") in height and 33mm (1.3") wide.  The necklace chain is 18" (457mm) overall.  In this instance, this is a commercially made chain, so can only supplied in this length.

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