Faux dichroic style pendant in polymer clay - electric blue


Product Code: 3408f

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This pendant has been created by me in polymer clay to have the look of dichroic glass. It is made by painting black clay with pearlescent ink and then crackling it when dry. This very thin sheet is applied to a thick black layer of clay and formed into a pendant.

After curing, the pendant is sanded to round the corners and the pattern is sealed in under a layer of clear resin, to further enhance the glass-like look of the pendant. This layer too is sanded to a good gloss and varnished with clear acrylic to protect the surface further.

It has been stuck to a silver plated Aanraku bail and hangs from a silver plated chain that fastens with a lobster clasp. The pendant is plain black on the reverse.

The pendant measures 28mm (1.1") tall x 21mm (0.85") wide and is 34mm (1.35") overall including the bail. The chain is 460mm (18") but another length could be supplied upon request.

Chain Upgraded:

Upgraded to a new better quality chain - as shown in the main photograph. Some of the additional photographs show the original chain, but they look very similar at a glance, but I know that the new one feels nicer in wear.

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