Mahogany Obsidian and antiqued copper bracelet


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Antiqued copper bracelet featuring spiral wrapped beads of gorgeous deep red brown Mahogany Obsidian semi-precious stones. 

This bracelet has been entirely hand crafted from raw copper wire. Each deep red bead is spiral wrapped with a heavy gauge of copper wire and connected to the next with a chunky hand crafted jump ring. The bracelet closes with my own hand made heavy weight hook clasp into a small chain of three large rings, making the bracelet adjustable.  There is a little co-ordinating bead dangle of Botswana Agate at the end of the clasp chain.

All of the cut ends of the wire have been filed smooth and the finished bracelet has been extensively hand polished and then tumbled for shine and durability. It has been antiqued to enhance the texture of the wrapping.

Mahogany Obsidian, sometimes called Mountain Mahogany, is a deep red brown coloured volcanic glass with black inclusions, getting its deep rich colour from a high iron content.

The fit of this bracelet is adjustable from 156mm (>6") to 172mm (6¾").   This is not a linear length, but the length of the inner circumference, as it sits in wear, see below.   It is approximately 12mm (½") wide at its widest in wear. 

Please note that some of the additional photographs show a previous design which wasn't adjustable, with a single clasp ring, but the main photo above is the version currently for sale.

Bracelet fit:

Please see the Bracelet Introduction or How to Order pages for more information on bracelet fit and measuring your wrist.

Please note that 'bracelet fit' is an inner circumference fit, as worn, not the linear length of the bracelet.

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