Carnelian and antiqued copper toggle bracelet


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Antiqued copper toggle bracelet featuring glossy deep red Carnelian semi precious beads and closing with a hand crafted toggle clasp.  

The bracelet features 7 of the fabulously coloured Carnelian beads, which look deep red when in shadow and glow with a lovely translucent deep orange when they catch the light.   I think they look like juicy ripe sweet berries.   Each bead has been spiral wrapped in copper wire.

The bracelet fastens with my own hand crafted toggle clasp, with a textured circular toggle loop and closing with a wire wrapped toggle bar.  The texture design on the toggle loop has been created from one of my own photographs of a fir cone, given an abstract treatment and then used to make a shallow texture plate.   

The bracelet has been antiqued to enhance the textures and bring out the warm tones of aged copper. The toggle loop has been shaped with a slight curve to allow the shaped bar to sit neatly in place.

Toggle clasps are easy to fasten one-handed and I craft and measure them very carefully for a reliable closure and safety in wear. They won't come undone by themselves, but that also makes them a little more fiddly to fasten - so you'll need a little ease in the fit to allow the bar to pass all the way through the hole, point first, to fall back into place.

Bracelet fit:

The bracelet has a fit of 156mm (6.2") and is 20mm (0.8") at its widest, at the toggle clasp. Each Carnelian bead is 10mm (0.4") in diameter.  As this bracelet is on the smaller end of an average fit, I have already prepared an additional link that can easily be added if you would prefer a slightly larger fit.  The addition of this extra link would give rise to a fit of 175mm (6.9"). Please make a note that you would like this doing in the comment box during checkout.

Please see the Bracelet Introduction or How to Order pages for more information on bracelet fit and measuring your wrist.

Please note that 'bracelet fit' is an inner circumference fit, as worn, not the linear length of the bracelet.

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