Bracelet Fastening Friend - tool to help you put on bracelets on your own


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Banish the frustration of trying to fasten bracelets on your own with this handy, easy to use Bracelet Fastening Friend - it makes the task of donning bracelets so much easier to manage when you’re on your own.

Don't you just hate that battle you sometimes have with a bracelet - when you're trying to fasten it on your own - just as you get a good grip on the clasp, the loop you're trying to fasten it into vanishes around your wrist and a chase ensues.  Or not being able to wear a particular bracelet because the clasp is just too fiddly to manage on your own.

This simple little device will eliminate those frustrations and it's incredibly easy to use.   Many such tools feature a crocodile style clip at one end and a pencil like wand that you need to grip in your hand.  My own design has been given careful thought to be easy to use and to protect your precious jewellery and doesn't rely on you being able to grip the tool to use it. 

It has a little hook at the bracelet end to hold the clasp of your bracelet and a large loop at the other to slip over a finger - I personally use my middle finger.  Pressing on the large decorative bead will add tension and hold your Fastening Friend snugly in place whilst you fasten the bracelet.  If you have dexterity or strength issues, simply pop the loop over a finger and it will still suffice in keeping the clasp in place whilst you fasten the bracelet.

Using the Bracelet Fastening Friend is very easy - see the additional photographs to see the Bracelet Friend in use - illustrated instructions are supplied with each tool.

  • Place the loop end of your bracelet clasp over the hook on the Fastening Friend.   With some hook clasps, I personally find it easier to put the hook end of the clasp on the tool and fasten the loop end onto it.

  • Loop your Bracelet Fastening Friend over the middle finger of the hand you're putting the bracelet onto - or any other finger will do if you prefer.  You can hold it steady against the inside of your wrist by resting the finger wearing it, on the large decorative bead, which tensions it against the inside of the wrist.

  • Now the loop of the clasp is held steady in position, ready to close the clasp with your free hand. 

  • Once fastened to your satisfaction, simply take the Bracelet Fastening Friend off your finger and remove the hook of of the tool from the bracelet.

The tools measure around 105mm (4"+) overall and the finger loop has an approximate inner diameter of 20mm (>¾").  The hook will fit into all but the tiniest clasp loop (you can notch the hook between adjacent beads in some designs) and large toggles and more specialist clasps too.  I've tried it with every bracelet design I have in stock and it works with all of them.

The Bracelet Fastening Friend is made in solid copper and hammered for strength and appearance.  It has been polished to a high shine for comfort when handling, but the colour will mellow over time. The current tools in stock have been made with a variety of decorative beads and one will be selected for you at random.  If you especially like the colour of one in the photographs, please note it in the comment box during checkout and I'll see if that one is available for you.  The Bracelet Fastening Friends now come gift wrapped in a vinyl slip pouch (that I also make) that can be used to store your device.

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