Antiqued copper alternating link bracelet


Product Code: 19446f

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An entirely hand crafted antiqued copper solid chain bracelet, featuring links which alternate in design. Long elegant oval links are brought together with little curly links in an intriguing mechanism. There is a hand crafted clasp which mirrors the design of the links to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Please note that this design has been revised and the photographs and details reflect the new version.

This chain link pattern was borne from my own memories of a bracelet that I wore until it wore away to thin air. I remembered it recently and decided to try and mimic the link structure that I liked so much. It just goes to prove that memory can be quite deceptive, as once I'd made it, I dug the original bracelet out and it was rather different from the pattern I had lodged in my mind and then subsequently made - my sub-conscious obviously came up with its own design.

The long links alternating with the tight circular connections put me in mind of the elegant lines of the designs of the Arts and Crafts movement. The copper has been antiqued to bring out the rich tones of the copper. Every link has been hand formed and soldered.

Bracelet fit:

The fit of this bracelet is 178mm (7") and is approximately 6mm (¼") wide.

Please see the Bracelet Introduction or How to Order pages for more information on bracelet fit and measuring your wrist.

Please note that 'bracelet fit' is an inner circumference fit, as worn, not the linear length of the bracelet.

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