Antiqued copper and amethyst kilt pin brooch


Product Code: 19906f

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Antiqued copper and faceted amethyst kilt style brooch pin with two short sections of tightly coiled spiral rope of fine copper wire, each side of a gorgeous large faceted purple amethyst stone.

This brooch pin or fibula is entirely hand crafted, I made everything myself from assorted gauges of copper wire. The large purple faceted amethyst is shouldered by chunky copper rings to seat the rope sections.

There are many feet of wire tightly hand spiralled in the wire rope and it has been antiqued to enhance the texture of the spiral sections of rope.

The pin measures 53mm (2") overall in length and is 19mm (¾") at its widest. The faceted amethyst bead is 12mm (½") in diameter. The point of the pin has been sharpened and smoothly polished by hand, but is rather chunky and best suited to open weave fabrics such as knitwear and jackets. I carefully position the point of the pin within the latch so that the sharp point is protected from scratching you or snagging clothing in wear.

Copper is a soft material and the pin needs to be opened gently and eased through the fabric without undue force, to protect the shape, but with a little care in handling of this nature, it will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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