Polished bronze and green glass nugget earrings


Product Code: 27284f

Stock Level: 1

Polished bronze long drop earrings featuring green glass nuggets, hung from elegant scroll ended curved earwires that are a significant feature in the overall design.

The glass dangles feature a pair of roughly shaped hand made glass nuggets that are a lovely soft milky green with delicate marbled inclusions.  Each nugget is double wire wrapped on my own ball ended bronze headpins.  Each glass nugget hangs from a curved long drop earwire, which terminates above the bead with a hammered and polished scroll.

The earrings drop 59mm (2.3") overall from the top of the hand crafted earwires and the glass beads are 11mm (0.44") at their widest.  Please note that because of the design of the earwires, they have been made in a heavier gauge of wire than I usually use for earwires, so please ensure that your piercing can accommodate a heavier earwire.

These earrings are one of a kind as I only have a pair of these hand made glass nuggets.

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