Double shaggy loops antiqued copper toggle bracelet - made to order


Product Code: 30430f - made to order

This antiqued copper bracelet is entirely hand crafted and features a loose and slinky chain of hand made jump rings, woven into a tactile and fluid bracelet, in a chainmaille pattern known as shaggy loops.  As I've doubled the number of rings used in this version, I call this pattern double shaggy loops.  The bracelet closes with my own hand crafted toggle clasp.

The chain of the bracelet started out as straight copper wire which I coiled and cut into individual rings and then wove together into this nicely weighted bracelet.  There are around 200 individual rings in the chain and there are 30 per linear inch.  Each link along the length of the chain features 4 loose rings, 2 on each side, giving rise to the lovely fluid style of this bracelet which will constantly move and jiggle into new patterns.  There is well over 3m of wire used for the chain section of the bracelet, giving rise to a nice weight to wear.

The bracelet fastens with my own hand crafted toggle clasp, featuring a co-ordinating swirly pattern (I also made the texture plate used for this design) on the toggle loop and wire wrapped toggle bar.  Toggle clasps are easy to fasten one-handed and I craft and measure them very carefully for a reliable closure and safety in wear. They won't come undone by themselves, but that also makes them a little more fiddly to fasten - so you'll need a little ease in the fit to allow the bar to pass all the way through the hole, point first, to fall back into place.

Bracelet fit:

The bracelet has a fit of 172mm (6¾") and is 20mm (0.8") at its widest, at the toggle clasp.

Please see the Bracelet Introduction or How to Order pages for more information on bracelet fit and measuring your wrist.

Please note that 'bracelet fit' is an inner circumference fit, as worn, not the linear length of the bracelet.

Please note that this bracelet is not currently in stock, but would be made to order for you, so please allow me around a week to custom make one especially for you,

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