Antiqued copper Egyptian coils bracelet


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Antiqued copper Egyptian Coils bracelet featuring interlocking hand forged spirals. This substantial and entirely hand crafted bracelet is fluid, comfortable to wear and very tactile.

This technique of forming double spirals and linking them together in a chain, working from one end, a link at a time, is said to have been found in the tomb treasures of Ancient Egypt. I can't state that as fact, as my brief research of museum pieces hasn't turned up any genuine examples, but it's certainly become known as Egyptian coils and is a lovely and versatile pattern to work with.

The look can be changed by the size of the spirals and the distance apart that they're linked and in this case, they're reasonably loosely linked to make a comfortable everyday bracelet, that's solid and substantial, but not uncomfortably heavy.  The bracelet, as shown, contains over 2m of copper wire.

My original clasp design is formed from a hook integrated in one of the links and the loop of the clasp has been custom designed to sit within the pattern of coils without interrupting the pattern and drawing attention to itself. The bracelet has been antiqued to enhance the textures of the spirals and to bring out the warmth of aged copper.

Bracelet fit:

I currently have 2 bracelets in stock and I've made them each to be a slightly different size, to offer choice:

  1. The fit of bracelet 1 is 175mm (6.9") and is 18mm (0.7") wide.
  2. The fit of bracelet 3 is 185mm (7.3") and is 18mm (0.7") wide.

Please let me know your preference for the fit of the bracelet in the comment box during checkout.  

Please see the Bracelet Introduction or How to Order pages for more information on bracelet fit and measuring your wrist.

Please note that this is an inner circumference fit, not a linear length.

Would you like it one link bigger?

I do have an additional link and hook already made and finished to match, if you would like one of the bracelets increasing in size by the dimension of one link repeat, which would add around 12.5mm (½") to the fit.  Please note this during checkout.

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