Antiqued copper squiggle link bracelet


Product Code: 23237f

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Antiqued copper hand forged link bracelet featuring interlocking curly shaped squiggle links.

I've always been fascinated by the elegant sensual curves and clean lines of art nouveau designs and this double eyed squiggle was a shape I came up with after I'd been thinking about those lines, my sub-conscious clearly works better without me joining in!

The bracelet is a good weight and the links have been very lightly hammered for stability but retain a largely round profile. The clasp is formed from a single hook integrated in one of the links and following the same lines as the links, so is very discreet. The bracelet has been antiqued to enhance the textures of the swirly links and to bring out the warmth of aged copper.

Bracelet fit:

The fit of the bracelet is 180mm (a smidge under 7¼") and is 13mm (½") wide.

Please see the Bracelet Introduction or How to Order pages for more information on bracelet fit and measuring your wrist.

Please note that 'bracelet fit' is an inner circumference fit, as worn, not the linear length of the bracelet.

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