Copper and turquoise glass flower cluster necklace and earring set


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One of a kind necklace and earring set featuring a generous cluster of hand crafted bell shaped flowers with green and turquoise glass bead centres.  The necklace is a Y shaped cluster of polymer clay bell flowers, wire wrapped directly to the chain and gradually tapered into the chain with additional glass beads spiral wrapped into the heavy weight belcher chain of the necklace.

I saw a tutorial on the polymer clay brand's web site for making these bell flowers and tried a couple to see if the technique would work for something else I had in mind, but I loved how the somewhat stylised flowers worked out, so got to work making a lot more for this fluid and gently jingly statement necklace.  The individually crafted polymer clay bell flowers come in a range of deep metallic copper colours and each one has a centre of hand made green or turquoise glass beads and matching seed beads, all wire wrapped in place on my own made ball ended copper headpins.  The centre of the Y shaped necklace is weighted with a large feature hand made green swirl glass bead, topped with a hand crafted copper flower bead cap.

The necklace set is completed with a pair of long drop shoulder duster chain earrings which each feature of flower and two adjacent buds of wire wrapped glass beads and a single glass bead spiral wrapped into the length of the chain.

Larger photos:

If you'd like to see more details of this piece, I've created a gallery of larger versions of the images above.


The necklace main central cluster drops around 68mm (2.7") overall from the line of the necklace and in wear this central cluster is around 70mm (2¾") overall wide.  The length of the necklace overall will determine the angle of the front Y shape and thereby the overall width, length and shape of the flower cluster.  At present the overall legth of the chain aspect of the necklace (the top V section of the Y shape) is 585mm (23") overall, but I've left it a little long to allow it to be shortened to taste. 

The earrings drop 71mm (2.8") overall in length and hang around 16mm (0.6") at their widest in wear.

Please let me know during checkout if you would like the necklace made any shorter, or indeed the earrings, which are rather long.  If the top sections of the chain on the earrings were removed, connecting the wrapped bead directly to the earwire, the new overall length would be reduced to 56mm (2.2") drop.

Please note that due to the chunky nature of this necklace, it will be sent out in a slightly larger postage box that is unlikely to go through a standard letterbox, unlike my usual posting boxes, so you'd need to be available to take personal delivery of the item.

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