Polished copper hammered swirl loop earrings


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Product Code: 31991f

Hammered and polished raw copper earrings featuring a swirled and shaped hoop.  The hoop of these earring started out as a flat hammered hoop which was twisted into a squiggled curl, then turned to move the plane of the hammering, so that the edge of the metal shows around the swirl in wear, changing the orientation of the hammering as you progress around the swirls.

I decided to leave these earrings in their raw polished copper state as the facets of the hammered copped reflects the light beautifully when moving in wear.  They'll naturally mellow with age, or could be polished back periodically to this state if preferred.

The earrings hang 35mm (1.4") overall from the top of the straight drop earwires and they're around 19mm (¾") at their widest in wear.

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