Mobius flower long drop chain maille earrings


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Long drop antiqued copper earrings featuring a chain of mobius flower links.  Each section or link in the chain is a flower-like twisted loop known as a mobius flower, which is a classical chain maille weave featuring a number of round loops that each link through all of the other loops in a perpetual flower-like twist.

A mobius flower can have as many loops as will fit through the centre hole, but these flowers are comprised 6 loops each, with four loops in the smaller top flower.  4 flowers in total are linked together in a chain drop, giving rise to a reasonably substantial pair of earrings.  Each pair of earrings uses over 50 individually hand crafted rings in total.  These earrings are entirely hand crafted by myself from bare wire.

The earrings have been antiqued to enhance the shapes and they drop 52mm (2") overall from the top of the straight drop earwires and hang around 9mm (0.36") at their widest in wear.   Whilst the mobius flowers are shown all in line in the photographs, in reality, they twist slightly, meaning that in wear the flowers can be seen from all angles.

Also available, to order, in raw polished copper:

Also shown in the additional photographs is a pair in raw polished copper.  If you'd prefer the raw copper version, please let me know in the comment box during checkout and a pair would be made to order.  Please allow a few extra days for a raw copper pair to be custom made especially for you.

£5 discount when buying with the mobius flower pendant:

As can be seen from the Related Products section below, there is a co-ordinating mobius flower pendant and if you'd like to buy both items, I offer a £5 discount when the earrings are bought together with the pendant.  Please add coupon code MobiusSet into the 'Gift Certificate or Coupon Code' box in the shopping basket and £5 will automatically be deducted from your total.

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